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Ayudha Pooja Celebration

Celebrated Ayutha Pooja at our Office, with our farmer friends that includes our society President Mr. Vangili Subramaniam.

Ayudha Puja is also known as Astra Puja, which is translated as “worship of instruments”. This festival is celebrated as part of the Navratri festival on the Indian subcontinent.

In different parts of the country, the day is known by different names. It is mostly observed in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

During ancient times, weapons used in battle were worshipped as they were used to defeat the enemy.

On this day, soldiers worship weapons and artisans revere tools.

The Ayudha Puja is regarded as a meaningful custom that emphasizes the importance of one’s profession and its tools and signifies that a divine force is helping you to perform well and be rewarded.

In Karnataka, the festival celebrated Mahishasura’s death by goddess Durga. Following the death of the demon king, the weapons were displayed for worship.

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