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Tamil Nadu Egg Poultry farmers Marketing Society
(Tamilnadu Muttai Kozhi Pannaiyalargal Marketing Society Trading Division)

India records the third place in the world egg production. The egg industry of India is the one that has changed over the years from many smaller producers to highly centralized producers who produces eggs in hundreds of thousands. About 75% of egg layer poultry farms of Tamilnadu are located in and around Namakkal. Mainly Agriculture farmers turn in to poultry farmers due to climate conditions of Namakkal in the production of quality eggs.

               However, these farmers met with lot of hardship due to the shortage of raw materials like Maize, soya DOCs etc. which defines the rate of eggs and thus the livelihood of thousands of the poultry farmers and their labours. In the recent past,the egg poultry farmers incur heavy losses due to the non-availability or the souring prices of raw materials in the markets. Thus running a poultry farm turn into a very difficult task.

               On this scenario, to support and develop the poultry farmers, initially 27 poultry farmers of Namakkal jointly found the Tamil Nadu Egg Poultry Farmers Marketing Society (TNEPFMS) on 16-6-2015 and registered it on 29-6-2015 with registrar of societies, Namakkal. Presently this marketing society has 73 members with 13 executive committee members presided by MR. VANGILI SUBRAMANIAM. We are an ISO 22000/2005 certified marketing society with effect from 10-04-2018


  1. To find the requirement of eggs at various parts of India and supply the quality eggs from the poultry farms of Tamilnadu through our TNEPF marketing society.
  2. To stabilize the egg price as per market conditions. 
  3. To procure quality raw materials from various parts of India and abroad and supply them with negligible margin to the members as well as needy poultry farmers. The raw materials are,  

·       Maize
·       Soya De oiled cakes
·        Rapeseed De oiled cakes
·        Sunflower pellet
·        DE oiled Rice bran
·        Wheat
·        Bajra and
·        Broken rice

  1. To give awareness regarding poultry diseases among the poultry farmers and give technical support for preventive measures.
  2. To procure and provide quality medicines to the poultry farmers at a cheaper rate.
  1. To assist the poultry farmers to store the eggs and facilitate them to export the eggs.
  2. To educate our people for their healthy life care and egg consumption.
  3. To approach the state/central governments for the formation of a separate poultry board and for the facilities of export marketing.
  4. To help the poultry farmers in the emergency periods and in natural calamities by the way of facilitating various bank aids through government schemes.


  1. Our turn over in the year 2017-18 is INR 623.4 Million and in the year 2018-19 is INR 1008.6 Million and the projected turn over in this current financial year 2019-20 is INR.2.50 Billion.
  2. We Procured maize, wheat, bajra and de oiled rice bran through 25 numbers of railway (goods) rakes from Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.


  1. Our marketing society’s 73 members alone have nearly 12.5 million layer birds and produce over 10 million quality eggs per day. The supply of eggs to Tamilnadu and neighboring states Kerala, Karnataka, and Puducherry are being done privately and directly by our members.
We are successfully running the fifth year.

From the year 2020

    1. we plan to fill the supply gap, where ever it may be in India, through our marketing society at the competitive prices.
    2. We plan to provide business opportunity to 100 deserving persons from all the 37 district headquarters of Tamilnadu. Interested candidates may contact the following contact persons for further details.
    3. A branch office will be operating from Andagalur gate, Rasipuram.
    4. We are planning to introduce a single window system for egg as well as cull birds marketing
 1. Mr. Vangili subramaniam91 9443340400
2 Mr. R. Kaliannan91 9442980313                          
3 M Shanmugam91 9655995632
Our Mission

To add value to the egg industry by facilitating research and learning for egg producers, processors and consumers through national and international collaboration.

The TNEPFMS meets its research and outreach goals by leadership in:

  • Creating efficiencies through coordination
  • Identifying industry needs that can best be impacted through the Center
  • Identifying customer’s needs and creating a supply chain to reach fresh eggs as early as possible.
  • Communicating solutions to customers throughout the egg industry and consuming public.
Our Vision

The vision of the Tamil Nadu Egg Poultry Farmers Marketing Society is to assist a thriving egg industry in advancing:

    • Egg production, processing, and product development
    • A new paradigm for how research is conducted and information delivered
    • Society’s understanding and value of egg producers’ contributions to the economy, environment, community, and to consumer health and well-being

We are booking Egg supply throughout India from Namakkal :

Today's Egg Rate: INR RS. 5.25 /- Layer cull bird lifting Rate @ Namakkal : INR RS. 87 /-