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To add value to the egg industry by facilitating research and learning for egg producers, processors and consumers through national and international collaboration. The TNEPFMS meets its research and outreach goals by leadership in all aspects.


Egg production, processing, and product development. A new paradigm for how research is conducted and information delivered Society’s understanding and value of egg producers’ contributions to the economy, environment, community, and consumer health and well-being

Society Strength

Happy and hardworking farmers are a backbone for any society. we become the self-sufficient, strong, and powerful team to supply eggs directly to end consumers with advance supply chain formation with the globalization of Tamil Nadu Eggs.  

Egg Marketing

Marketing is a vital part of any business, and the right techniques can go a long way in helping you to create a thriving enterprise. And while there are different types of marketing, Now we are focusing on direct marketing and export promotion to achieve our vision 2020.

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Society Manager

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  • Tamil Nadu Egg Poultry farmers Marketing Society,
    (Tamilnadu Muttai Kozhi Pannaiyalargal
    Marketing Society Trading Division)
    Address : 6/315 Trichy Road,
    Namakkal 637 001

Egg recipes Indian style

we are booking egg supply throughout India from Namakkal :

Today's Egg Rate: INR RS. 5.25 /- Layer cull bird lifting Rate @ Namakkal : INR RS. 87 /-

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